The Beauty of BOTOX® & Other Neuromodulators

We offer the most trusted anti-aging neuromodulators effective in removing fine lines and wrinkles, and even freedom from some health conditions such as hyperhidrosis and TMJ pain.

Botox® & Other Neuromodulators

We carry a full suite of neuromodulators (Botox®, Dysport®, Juveau® and Xeomin®) to help prevent and reverse both fine and deep-set expression lines and wrinkles. These lines form on the face as we age, and the skin becomes thinner and less capable of bouncing back after repetitive expressions. Collagen and elastin loss along with the aging process  contribute to etched-in expression lines.

These injectables are effective because they target expression lines at the source, which is the muscular level. Injections into the different muscles responsible for wrinkles work to relax those muscles, thereby resulting in wrinkle reduction and even complete wrinkle removal.

What Is a Neuromodulator?

A neuromodulator, sometimes called a neurotoxin, is a highly purified protein and is the active ingredient in all of our anti-aging injectables. It works by blocking the communication between the muscles injected during treatment and the brain.

When the nerve signals can’t carry the message to the muscles to contract, they remain relaxed, which leads to wrinkle reduction and wrinkle removal. Neurotoxins are safe, highly purified, and effective active ingredients that can reverse the signs of aging and help alleviate symptoms of muscular-related health conditions.

Treating TMJ and Hyperhidrosis

Neuromodulators treat aesthetic concerns like wrinkle removal and wrinkle reduction, but it can also treat some health conditions like hyperhidrosis and TMJ pain. Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which individuals experience excessive sweating, typically from the armpits. This condition can easily drain confidence and make individuals feel self-conscious.

Injections into the area and muscles of the armpit can relax them and keep the sweat glands from overproducing sweat. TMJ pain is another common condition that’s caused by different factors, including teeth grinding, tension, and stress. Those who can’t find relief from TMJ pain often turn to this injectable, which relaxes the jaw muscles and, in doing so, decreases pain.

The Wrinkle Removal and Anti-Aging Treatment Process

The injection process for all neuromodulators is virtually the same. First, you will come in for a consultation with our experts, who will ask you some questions about your medical history, the areas you want to treat, and your aesthetic, medical, or aging-related concerns. Once we confirm that these anti-aging injectables are right for you, we can design your treatment plan.

Some patients may experience better results from one treatment over the other. That’s the importance of an initial consultation because it allows our injector to determine which option is right for you. Depending on the areas you want to treat, you may benefit from one or both of these treatment options. They can be combined to help you address all of your problem areas in one treatment session.

The Injection Process

The injection process is quick and virtually painless. It only takes approximately ten minutes to receive treatment. Our injector will administer a series of quick and virtually painless treatments with a thin, fine needle. Some patients request a topical numbing solution before beginning the injections; others do not. Our injector can discuss the treatment with you to determine if you would benefit from a topical numbing solution or if it is unnecessary for you.

Post-Treatment Instructions

You won’t have to plan around downtime after your injections, but our injector will provide you with a list of detailed post-treatment instructions to ensure the best outcome. You must avoid strenuous workouts for 24 hours post-treatment, so if you plan on working out on the day of your appointment, be sure to schedule your workout before your treatment.

You also must avoid environments or activities that increase your body temperature as well as excess sun exposure. After your treatment:

Your Results

All our neuromodulators are fast-acting treatments. Most patients begin to notice an improvement in their treatment areas and younger-looking skin within three to four days of their initial injections; for others, it takes closer to seven days.

The best results appear within 30 days of the initial treatment and last anywhere from three to four months. Regular follow-up treatments once your results begin to wear off will ensure that you can continue to live wrinkle-free long-term.

Experience Younger-Looking Skin

If you want to treat expression lines and wrinkles to achieve younger-looking skin or resolve TMJ pain or hyperhidrosis, we offer the most effective injectables that can help you reach your wrinkle removal, aesthetic and medical goals. Our expert injector will create a unique treatment plan that helps safely and effectively meet each of your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.