Smoother Younger-Looking Skin

Hydrafacial™ – the world’s most awarded and #1 device-based facial that gently and effectively cleanses, exfoliates and extracts impurities, leaving you with that unmistakable Hydrafacial™ Glow!

The Hydrafacial™

Our #1 Facial Treatment, and World's Most Awarded Device-Based Facial.

The Hydrafacial™ is one of those skincare treatments that has only continued to grow in popularity over the years for its ability to effectively target different skin concerns and help patients with all skin types improve their complexions and achieve younger-looking skin.

The unique treatment device is designed to perform a three-step process: cleansing and peeling, extracting and hydrating, and fusing and protecting. It can help improve the complexions of all different skin types and target some of the most common skin concerns, including:

Improving Skin Hydration

Maintaining adequate skin hydration requires more than ensuring you drink enough water each day, although that’s important, too. This facial is a simple yet effective way to promote skin hydration, especially when scheduled monthly.

It eliminates the dead skin cell barrier to better target skin concerns and hydrates the skin in a way standard facials, treatments, and topical products often cannot. It delivers hydrating serums to improve skin hydration and helps promote a healthy, visible, and long-lasting glow.

Promoting Lymphatic Drainage

Many people don’t realize that lymphatic drainage techniques can easily resolve many of their skin concerns. If you’ve never experienced any lymphatic drainage techniques, this facial is the perfect place to start. Our technicians can custom tailor your treatment plan to include lymphatic drainage techniques to lift and tighten your skin, improve skin health, enhance your treatment results, help target and eliminate acne, and detoxify the skin.

Customizing Your Treatment

If your skin has specific needs and requires extra treatment, you may benefit from one of our add-ons. These add-ons can improve and build on your treatment results and help you achieve even brighter and smoother skin. This facial is incredibly effective on its own, but the results are that much better when you include one or more of these add-on treatments. They will help you reach your unique skincare goals even faster.


Cupping is a simple yet incredibly effective treatment that helps promote lymphatic drainage. When you schedule a Hydrafacial™ with us, you’ll have the option to add cupping to your treatment. At Emmanuel Skinscience, we use glass cups to perform this add-on treatment to help patients eliminate excess fluid from their faces, which results in a more sculpted appearance.

The cupping process also decreases inflammation, improves skin circulation, enhances that post-treatment healthy glow, and improves overall skin health. It’s a painless yet effective treatment add-on that makes an immediate and visible improvement in your appearance. Plus, just like this effective facial, most people qualify for cupping: virtually everyone is a candidate. It’s a natural, holistic, effective treatment add-on that delivers many different benefits.

Treatment Boosters

We can also add Hydrafacial™ boosters to your treatment to focus on your individual skin care needs. If you want to tighten your skin, combat hyperpigmentation, or treat acne, we can use a booster to meet your needs. There are several different booster options that we can add to your treatment, including boosters specifically designed to promote collagen and elastin production and boosters that protect against free radical damage.

There are also skin brightening boosters and those that smooth fine lines and wrinkles, target and treat brown spots, dissolve debris and buildup in the pores to promote skin clarity, and more. If you’re interested in adding a booster to your treatment to enhance your results, one of our skincare experts will review the different options, evaluate your skin, listen to your concerns, and then design your unique treatment plan.


A dermaplaning is a powerful and simple standalone treatment, but combining it with the Hydrafacial™ makes the results even better. We offer dermaplaning as a complimentary add-on for first-time patients who schedule this facial.

Dermaplaning is a form of physical exfoliation, and during the treatment process, your esthetician will use a stainless steel surgical scalpel, holding it at a 45° angle, and will gently scrape it across your skin to eliminate that top layer of dead skin cells, buildup, hair, and debris. This add-on enhances the treatment results, allowing it to better target skin concerns.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

Patients love this facial because it has so many different benefits. It’s non-irritating, skin smoothing, skin brightening, quick, non-invasive, painless, and effective, and virtually everyone is a candidate for it.

Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Resurfacing, and Skin Renewal

Dull and lifeless skin often results from irregular exfoliation or a complete lack of exfoliation. Healthy skin requires regular exfoliation, also known as skin resurfacing, because regular exfoliation leads to skin rejuvenation and skin renewal. Sometimes all it takes is a deep exfoliating treatment like the Hydrafacial™ to achieve a vibrant, healthier complexion and younger-looking skin.

Whether you want to schedule this treatment before a big event to achieve a vibrant glow or promote overall skin health and target skin concerns, you can expect to experience skin renewal and skin rejuvenation immediately following your treatment.

Healthier and Visibly Smoother Skin

Healthy skin glows, and glowing skin is one of the post-treatment guarantees. However, you’ll also experience smoother skin thanks to how this treatment device gently and effectively exfoliates skin with its patented vortex fusion delivery system. If your skin texture looks and feels uneven, this facial will not just help you achieve a more uniform complexion but smoother skin, as well.

Achieve Younger-Looking Skin With This Revolutionary Facial

The Hydrafacial™ is an effective skin brightening and skin smoothing treatment that will improve your skin health and help you achieve your best complexion yet, and it doesn’t require you have a certain skin type to experience results. Adding this facial to your skincare routine will help you target skin imperfections and maintain a lasting glow. Contact us today at Emmanuel Skinscience to schedule your consultation.